Monday, 24 January 2011

I Glimpse an Opportunity

Norbury Wharf: A great place for a base, but I need to get away!
There may be a chance to get some boating in soon after all. Next week suddenly looks remarkably free from commitments and the ice seems to have gone for now, so the only question is where to go?
Can't really go very far north from Norbury due to the closure at Woodseaves Cutting (which I now know is known as "Drayton Rockin'" thanks to Norbury Wharf's blog post).
So, south it is and I just need to check the stoppage situation on the Staffs & Worcester before deciding whether to turn left or right at Autherley Junction! I've got about a week - any suggestions?

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WhatKathyDid said...

I'm jealous! Have fun wherever you get to.