Monday, 7 February 2011

A Cold Night in Gnosall

I've previously written about this winter's weather and how, at least once, temperatures were low enough to stop the clock! Well, its happened again. A very sharp frost, combined with an inability on my part to keep the stove alight combined to produce a very cold night aboard Starcross. The coldest part of the night apparently came at 04.50 when the cabin clock once again stopped in its tracks. There's nothing else wrong with it - it keeps perfect time most of the time, but just doesn't like sub-zero temperatures.
At least there was a lovely start to the day.
Early Morning at Gnosall
The canal, however, was frozen over and the ice was thick enough to make getting away impossible without breaking a lot of ice around the boat. We opted to stay put in the hope that it would warm up later. By 13.00 it was possible to set off, although once we got out into open country, beyond Cowley, the ice was thicker than ever. After smashing our way through as far as Bridge 29 I had just decided to tie up when I heard a boat coming through from the opposite direction. It was soon followed by another leaving the way clear enough to proceed.
Approaching Wheaton Aston.
 Still a lot of ice about after three boats had been through in quick succession.
By the time we got to Brewood it was approaching 17.00 so we tied up here for the night on the surprisingly busy visitor mooring.

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