Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Long Lost Canal Discovered in Borsetshire

After more than sixty years a little-known canal has been discovered in Borsetshire, home to The Archers. In tonight's episode, soon-to-be-lovers Jolene Perks, licensee of the Bull in Ambridge and Kenton Archer followed a lunch date by a "walk along the canal" complete with sound effects of passing narrowboats. Not explained was how the existence of the  Borchester & Ambridge Navigation (or whatever its called) has completely escaped the attention of waterways enthusiasts and historians for all this time.
Actually, the big story in tonight's episode was supposed to be a cameo appearance by the Duchess of Cornwall but the discovery of a new waterway surely trumps that.


Mark Doran said...

"Soon-to-be-lovers" Jim? Do you have inside knowledge we mere addicts (sorry, listeners) don't?

Starcross said...

You can see this one coming a mile off!