Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Canalside Cafe

To Birmingham on Sunday and the city's magnificent Symphony Hall. Hilary was participating in a "singalong" of Fauré’s Requiem with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. An amazing event where amateur choral singers from around the country are invited to perform in one of the country's top venues and with a top orchestra. It's also interesting in that the performers pay more to get in than the audience!
After an afternoon's rehearsal the crowd has just over an hour for a break and to find something to eat before the evening performance. Apparently they were informed that the best place to do this was the canalside development at Brindley Place, which meant that seconds after the auditorium started to empty every restaurant, bar and other eatery within sight was beseiged by large crowds of hungry singers.
We took a chance that not many of them would have heard of Gas Street Basin and made our way down to the Canalside Cafe opposite Worcester Bar  and the end-on junction between the Birmingham Canal Navigations and the Worcester & Birmingham Canal.
Hilary, with friends, at the Canalside Cafe, Birmingham
I won't attempt a review (I'll leave such things to Captain Ahab!) suffice to say that if you ever fancy a meal, a coffee or even a pint of real ale or cider in Birmingham I can recommend it.


Travelling in No Direction said...

You can't beat insider infomation.

The Crew: Mike, Mags and Poppy! said...

That's an amazing "spike" hair style.

M -n- M

Pit said...

On May 23rd last year, my wife and I enjoyed our lunch there, when, on a narrowboat tour through what I call the "Heart of England", we moored in Gas Street Basin. [http://pitsbilderbuch.wordpress.com/2012/06/08/england-reise-fruhjahr-2011-254/]