Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Tomorrow I should have been taking Starcross out from Norbury Junction and heading south along the Shroppie on the first stage of our summer cruise. Friday evening would have seen us at Wolverhampton ready to start the BCN Marathon Challenge on Saturday morning (if you follow the link, please note that BW has got the dates wrong!). But it's not to be. I will be getting a couple of days aboard but won't be going far as I'll be spending all next week at our new house in Lancaster. As well as "routine" painting and decorating we have to see a man about a woodburning stove (to make it just like being on Starcross) another man to design us a new kitchen and a third to check out what seem to us to be some very dodgy electrics. We then need to get hold of a plumber and also have to finish dismantling a wardrobe so we can get it up the stairs. Then we need to decide whether we really want to proceed with reinstating an interior wall that was taken out by a previous owner. 
Oh yes!, we also have a rather large and ugly rough stone fireplace to knock out and remove. So, cue smug looks from any readers who have the good fortune to live aboard their boats and I just hope I can find time to get to stage two of the trip - the Braunston Historic Working Boat Rally at the end of June.

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Captain Ahab said...

That will be because its the 2009 announcement! Sorry wont be seeing you at the weekend.