Thursday, 2 June 2011

Going Continuously Cruising

Another local boater has told me he's giving up his mooring and going what he calls "continuously cruising". Well, it makes sense: He and his partner both have jobs near the canal and don't live too far away so moving the boat from time to time won't be a problem. Permanent moorings are expensive, so why pay for one when you can use  all those nice, free visitor moorings instead!


Nb Caxton said...

I wasn't getting ready to type a congratulatory message thinking YOu were joining us CCer's then I read your post - you sarcastic old thing you..

Travelling in No Direction said...

When I read the headline I thought the new house had driven you over the edge.

Starcross said...

No, I won't be joining the continuous cruisers - or the continuous moorers either!

Tempting, very tempting. . . .