Thursday, 9 June 2011

Work in Progress

I arrived at Norbury Junction to find work on the moorings progressing, with Steve on his mini-digger having reached exactly as far as Starcross.
It had been an unremarkable journey except for the fact that for the first time I was able to use my new bus pass to travel to the boat, saving me all of £2.50 (not even the price of a pint!).
Given the proximity of the "work in progress" I was happy to get away and move off down to the wharf for 88 lites of diesel and a copy of Waterways World (if you buy only diesel on a debit card, Norbury Wharf charge you an extra quid!). Then it was down to Gnosall to meet Bernard, my crew for the next few days, off  the Stafford bus and then, after a quick trip to the shop for supplies, off again heading south.
Our goal is Braunston, where the annual historic working boat gathering takes place at the end of the month and as Bernard is only available for three days we mean to cover as much ground as possible in that time. It was three o' clock by the time we got away from Gnosall and as we wanted to go as far as possible, stopping at Wheaton Aston or Brewood was not an option. However, there wasn't time to go up the Wolverhampton locks, so that left Autherley Junction -" not recommended for mooring" by British Waterways and  the last time I stopped there I was immediately warned by a local not to stay the night!
Well, I happen to think that the dangers of stopping at "unsuitable" places are usually overstated - so Autherley Junction it is - to see whether we survive, tune in tomorrow!
Bomb Alley  Autherley Junction


Captain Ahab said...

I have moored in the Alderley junction pool a few times and its been ok. Where is your header picture from?

Sarah said...

Do come and say hello to Chertsey at Braunston Jim.

Adam said...

Bomb alley has made your boat face the wrong way, and done terrible things to the roof...!

Starcross said...

The header pic is Beeston on the Shroppie.

Thank you. Yes, I will try and track you down -any chance of a ride on the parade?

OK, you caught me out being lazy and using an old photo!