Monday, 6 June 2011

It'll be Lovely When it's Finished

I've spent most of last week in our new house in Lancaster - knocking out fireplaces, stripping walls (and finding damp!) buying new furniture - our old stuff is too big or too knackered-  and seeing various men about woodburners, electrics (bad news, that one) and kitchens! I did, however, manage a couple of days on the way up north at Norbury to visit a rather neglected Starcross.
And what did I find? - Well, Simon at Norbury Wharf Ltd has been promising improvements to our moorings for some time now and he's finally got round to it. The current arrangements leave a lot to be desired:

The towpath is narrow and uneven and the trolley we used for carrying heavy stuff to and from the boat was wrecked in weeks and all there is no tie-up to are some bits of old angle-iron loosely embedded in the path, so  I was glad to see that work had begun.
Of course, as with any renovation (such as a house in Lancaster, for example) there is pain to go through before the pleasure. It didn't help that the two days before my visit had been unusually wet for this year and what greeted me was rather more reminiscent of the Somme in 1916 than the next photo, that was taken after then path had had chance to dry out a little, suggests.

Norbury Wharf's blog has been keeping us up to date with progress, but the promised photos have yet to arrive, so I hope David and Simon won't mind me posting this. There will have been progress since it was taken and I'm sure it "will all be lovely when its finished!"


Captain Ahab said...

I cant see anyone parking on the bank!

Starcross said...

Very effective cones then, Andy!