Thursday, 22 December 2011

And Now, A Word From our Sponsor

To me, as to most people I suspect, canals = boats. Without boats and the huge investment made by private boaters and hire-boat operators over the last 40+ years the waterways would not now exist in their current form. Boaters are also just about the only users that contribute directly to the cost of running the system, through licences, mooring fees and the like. Despite this, private boaters will have only four representatives out of 35 on the council of the new Canal and River Trust when it takes over from British Waterways in April.

It's important therefore that the right people are chosen to represent us and I've been pleased honoured to be asked to be a sponsor for one of the best (In Trustland candidates "nominate" themselves but require 10 "sponsors"):  Andy Tidy, better known as "Captain Ahab" of the eponymous blog.  In fact, I actually sponsored him twice - the first time I didn't sign the form!

Andy, like the other candidates, will put his case forward in an election statement before the election, but in the meantime anyone wishing to judge his suitability for the post should just have a look at his blog.

I must confess - and I hope this doesn't invalidate my sponsorship - that I've never actually met the Captain; he's one of those people I only know through the internet and blogging, but when he's elected he'll obviously have to buy me a pint!


Halfie said...

I have met Andy, and I can vouch for his integrity. He would make a superb Council member.

Captain Ahab said...

That will be two pints I owe you gents - many thanks for your support.
Jim - an objective for 2012 - we must meet up. I still want to cycle the Sankey!

Jim said...

OK, but not until you've finished campaigning.
I've never met Halfie either, perhaps you could buy both those pints at once!

Captain Ahab said...

Now that sounds like an excellent idea to me. Halfie - are you up for it?

Halfie said...

Yes, I'm up for it (leave allowing - I'm still locked in the hamster cage). We might even talk Salford, Jim!