Friday, 23 December 2011

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Along with the Christmas post comes the annual letter from Norbury Wharf. Actually, this year there are two: from MD, Simon, comes a news round-up: Boat hiring up, moorings all taken, improvements to the moorings and proposals for improved car parking - it's all good news.

To Manager, David, falls the "bad cop" role: A reiteration of the rules regarding tying up, car parking, locking gates, controlling dogs etc together with the unwelcome news of a 6% increase in mooring fees. In fairness, Norbury Wharf take a light-touch approach to moorings management and it will be three years since the last rise, during which time VAT has increased, and as we all know, all sorts of other costs have been rocketing.

Nevertheless, it's surprising how these things mount up. Following some hefty increases during the first few years, since moving to Norbury in 2006 the cost of my mooring will have risen by 33% and there can't be many people outside of the banking fraternity that can claim to have increased their income by such an amount!

Perhaps I'll have to consider continuous cruising after all!


Captain Ahab said...

Nor those in the said community if I am honest!

No Direction said...

At least Norbury appear to be enforcing the rules, here at Kings Bromley we have dogs running round chasing the wildlife and the "Dogs on Leads" rule ignored, I hear it's the same at Barton Turns Marina.