Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Slade Heath to Milford

Monday, 26th March
Being away by 08.40 we were soon at Gailey Top Lock and beginning the descent towards Penkridge. Following a recent accident at Stourport, when a young boy was drowned attempting to cycle across an unfenced bridge at a lock, British Waterways has gone into overdrive, preventing use of such bridges by means of scaffolding poles to "temporarily" obstruct the bridges such as here at Otherton lock:
I've not yet seen any reports of this year's duckling crop on line yet but today, at Filance Lock, I saw my first of the year. I was so surprised that I didn't have my camera ready although a few seconds later we also encountered our first "congestion" of the year, having to wait for a boat in front to pen through before us!
                                              "Congestion" at Filance Lock!                                    

 At Penkridge we stopped for lunch and to stock up the food supplies at the Co-op, whilst Hil bought her outfits for two family weddings later in the year in the hospice charity shop.
Then it was off again as far as Bridge 104, near Milford, where the trains are, if anything, nearer than at Slade Heath. This, however, is otherwise a really peaceful mooring and the lack of light pollution and clear skies made it an excellent night to get out the telescope I keep on board for just such occasions.The planets Venus and Jupiter in close proximity  have been a spectacular sight in the night sky these last few weeks, particularly combined with the crescent moon. Venus is normally seen fleetingly in the early evening or morning and it's very unusual to see it so brightly throughout the night whilst Jupiter is usually much fainter. At the moment a fourth planet, Mars, is also visible as would be Saturn were it not so close to the horizon to be seen.

Hilary stargazing

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