Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Norbury to Slade Heath

Sunday 25th March
The clocks went forward this morning but even so we were up and about by 07.30 and, after breakfast took Starcross over to Norbury Wharf for 61 litres of diesel (no panic at the pumps here) and a bag of coal and to see if they had a bill ready for me for the last plumbing job - which I was happy to find that they didn't! Then it was over to the water point to fill the tank so that we could have running water for the first time since December.
There was only one last job to do and that was to light the Morco water heater. I've never liked it, ever since I had to replace my old Paloma, and one reason is the difficulty in getting the pilot light lit. It can take anything from two to (a record) 52 attempts and is particularly difficult the first time after the winter lay-up. So, without much enthusiasm I turned the switch - and it lit first time, which it continued to do the rest of the week!  The only explanation I can think of is that the casing, which has to be removed to drain the water plug, hasn't been put back properly and doesn't fit right - so I'm leaving it well alone.
It was 10.45 by the time we got away enjoying the sunshine all the way down the Shroppie. We said hello to Jim and Sarah on Chertsey as we passed Stretton and by late afternoon had passed Autherley Junction and were on our up the Staffs & Worcs, eventually stopping at Slade Heath where the trains on the main line pass almost as close as they do to our house in Lancaster!
Slade Heath (Railway Bridge in the background)
Here we sat and enjoyed the early evening sunshine until it was time for tea.

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