Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Spring Trip - Day 0

As those bloggers who saw me out and about last week will realise, this account of our Spring trip to Great Haywood is not being written in real time - but here it is anyway.
Saturday, 24th March
Our plan to get to Norbury early and make a prompt start was scuppered by a request from the Dorrington Road Allotment Association to call in at their site this afternoon to see about getting a plot. When we moved to Lancaster last year the presence of the allotments at the end of the road was a big plus in choosing the house, but when we enquired about a plot we were told that the waiting list was so long it had been closed to new entrants. We subsequently heard that this was the situation all over Lancaster and that people had been known to wait five years for one.
Imagine our surprise then when Hilary happened to meet a member of the Association in a completely different context who had just attended the AGM where it had been reported that there was no one on the waiting list and three vacant plots.  A quick phone call to the secretary confirmed this was the case and the upshot was our invitation to visit, which was too good to turn down even if it did delay our departure.
It was well worth it - the plot was just what we were looking for: the right size, in a fair condition and complete with a pond (to encourage slug-eating frogs) and a shed. It even has trains on the other side of the fence!
So, by the time we got to Norbury there was just time for a quick spin up to Grub Street to charge the batteries and turn round. Back at Norbury we pulled up on the visitor moorings rather than our own as we could get much nearer to the bridge for unloading the car. By now it was nearly dark and too late to go anywhere, so we stayed where we were.


Anonymous said...


Just found your blog! I will pop back regularly to follow the trip!

We are thinking of a Narrowboat Rental for our holidays in the summer so I am keen to read all that you write about the wonders of being on the water and taking everything in from a new angle!


Halfie said...

Do all frogs eat slugs, or is it just the slug-eating ones?

Jim said...

Actually I thought that the Frogs ate snails. But thete you go.