Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cambrian Wharf

Cambrian Wharf, Birmingham
The Hopwood House Inn has had yet another makeover since my last visit, which has destroyed the last vestiges of "pubbiness" it once possessed. It's now a totally food-led operation and the only place I felt comfortable with my pint was in the garden (which is the size of a small municipal park) - neither is beer quality the top priority, or so it would appear, so I confined myself to one.
With no reason to stay in Hopwood I untied about 8.30 this morning and set off for Brum. I was the first boat of the day through Wast Hill Tunnel, but then met a steady stream of southbound boats for the rest of the morning.

I need to stay in Birmingham for longer than the 48-hours permitted on most of the visitor moorings so I was lucky to find a space at Cambrian Wharf (can you spot me? I'm right at the centre of the pic.) I winded at the entrance and reversed onto the pontoon successfully and without hitting a thing: needless to say there was no audience.

Most of the boats here appear to be unoccupied and I'm a bit concerned that the (keg beer) pub that overlooks the basin might be noisy with "balcony drinkers" later in the evenings, but it's only Tuesday so I'll give it a try. I can always move down to the other 14 day moorings at St. Vincent Street if it gets too much.


Halfie said...

Jim, I might be coming up to Brum tomorrow so I'll look out for you if I do. (Plans depend on jobs I'm doing on daughter's house near Bridge 5 on the Stratford Canal). Jubilee isn't yet signwritten so , apart from the licence, is anonymous. I hadn't realised that Cambrian Wharf was a public mooring - or are you having to pay? When we came through on Saturday at about 6pm there was a terrific racket coming from the pub so I hope for your sake that was just a Saturday thing!

Anonymous said...

Cambrian Wharf is public but very noisy from the pub. In fact I've moved to Oozells St Loop but as that is only 24hr I'll be moving on to the Main Line as soon as there is a vacancy. Hope to see you