Monday, 28 May 2012

Home from Home

Starcross has been sitting happily in Alvechurch whilst I've been home for a few days. Coming back has made me realise what a lucky b*stard I am! As soon as I'm back on board it's just like coming home - and when I go home, that's just like coming home too!

Alvechurch was a convenient place to leave the boat with a railway station right next to the cut with regular trains to Birmingham for connections back to Lancaster (re-booking at Manchester saves a tenner, naturally). When I got back I found my neighbours to be Jandai, who I last encountered in Stourport. They were heading for Droitwich via the Scenic Route* whilst I went direct, so I was able to brief them on the route, including the crossing of the M5 by culvert, which all first-timers to Droitwich are - or should be - concerned about.

Whilst I was away someone had been enquiring after me. Captain Ahab (he of the Watery Tales) had been passing through. Andy and I "met" (in the electronic sense) through a shared interest in the works of Gerard Morgan-Grenville a few years ago, although we've never yet set eyes on each other, despite a few near misses. 

I had overstayed my welcome on the Alvechurch moorings (if you know what I mean) so as soon as I was ready I untied and moved onto Hopwood for the night.

* Scenic Route: The busman's euphamism for the long way round!

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