Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Guilty at the Bratch

Castle Croft Bridge
Today was another of those days not for moving on. It was a day for lighting the fire, making the tea and reading the newspapers. But to do that I needed firelighters, tea and, er, newspapers and as I was moored in the middle of nowehere (or Castle Croft Bridge on the Staffs & Worcs) it was on with the waterproofs again and off into the wetness.
I felt guilty dragging the lockie out of his warm and dry office at the Bratch. He said "Ah a brave boater, the first today" "A stupid boater, you mean", I replied. I'd have been happy to go through on my own, but that would have left him feeling guilty and it's probably against his job description anyway, but I was glad of his assistance, especially as he hadn't yet unlocked the bottom gates.
The first opportunity to stop near a shop was at Wombourne, just below Bumblehole Lock (the Staffs & Worcs has some great names for its locks and bridges) so I took it - and after a quick walk to the shop and back it was fire, tea and newspapers all day (although when it stopped raining this afternoon I did clean out and tidy up the front well.


No Direction said...
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Mark Doran said...

Let me know if you need a hand Jim. I'm available for the odd couple of days midweek.