Wednesday, 2 May 2012

All Quiet on the Staffs & Worcs

I wasn't surprised to see only three other moving boats yesterday - and two of those came past late in the afternoon when the rain had stopped - but although today has been much better (and we even had an hour or two's sunshine at lunchtime) there still aren't many boats around.
Perhaps the fact that the Severn is in flood and the canal to Stourport is temporarily a dead-end is having an effect and I did meet one hire boat that had set out rather optimistically last weekend but had had to turn round at Stourport. Anyway, it's certainly quiet - not that I'm complaining.
This part of the Staffs & Worcs Canal is well-known for its circular weirs at the locks, but that at Marsh lock is even more unusual
I'm sure this geometric shape must have a name, but the only definition of a shape "with parallel sides and semi-circular ends" I can find on the 'net is a running track!
This lock also has an interesting tail bridge
Can you see the slot in the centre of the bridge which allows tow ropes to pass without being unhitched? Or at least it did before someone added a strengthening girder below it!

I'm now at Greensforge, where I spent a happy half-hour at the water point/sanitary station, doing what boaters do at such places and I'll be taking a walk along to the Navigation later to see if it's any better than the Round Oak at Wombourne was last night, which won't be difficult.

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Albert @ said...

That sure looks like a running track! So maybe it's an oval???