Thursday, 3 May 2012

I Should Cocoa

I think I deserve this today. In fact I think I deserve something a little stronger, but that may come later!
People on the towpath often say to boaters "What a nice life, peaceful and relaxing - no worries!" They should have been with me today.
Not only has it been cold and miserable, with torrential rain this afternoon but just after I'd set off this morning I noticed my instrument panel was dead: rev counter, temperature gauge, voltmeter, oil pressure - the lot. Oh, and so was the engine stop button!
Time to call out International River Canal Rescue. But then I remembered this had happened before - and when RCR arrived the engineer went straight to the wiring in the engine, uncovered a connection I didn't know was there and squirted it with WD40! "We always look there first with an Isuzu". Now I remembered what he'd done, but that's not the same as being able to do it myself (If I was mechanically minded I wouldn't have joined RCR in the first place). But I found the connection, got inside it, sprayed WD40 around at random and, Hey Presto! everything came back to life.
I was still feeling pleased with myself when I stopped at Stourton Junction for lunch. Tied up quickly and went inside to find the whole of the boat full of smoke! Luckily it was only smoke: the door on the stove had come ajar (It was OK when I checked it at Gothersley lock) and smoke was pouring out of the fire. I presume it had only just happened, perhaps when I stopped, and I certainly hope so otherwise that expensive smoke alarm I've bought has been a waste of money!
Yes, boating is a nice life, peaceful and relaxing - no worries : usually!


Sarah said...

Oooh, I could just fancy a nice mug of cocoa. With brandy in it.

No Direction said...

Jim,your an electrical wizard mate.

Jim said...

I've got a bottle of Scotch!

I won't be giving up the day job just yet

Tom and Jan said...

Magic aerosol? :-)

Sarah said...

Scotch is good too. But brandy's particularly nice in cocoa. I must get some more!