Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Back on Board at Beeston

Starcross at the moorings in Beeston
A day later than expected, due to taking advantage of the fine weather to paint the side of the house, I'm back on board Starcross, having taken a train to Manchester and then a series of buses on highly scenic routes across the Peak District, which took most of the afternoon (although they were all on time).

Before leaving Starcross, a week last Friday, I moved her along the "Beeston Cut" from Nottingham to the visitor moorings at Beeston, which also permit a 14-day stay. It's another good place to stay - or to leave a boat: Mooring rings set into the wall are somewhat eccentrically spaced, reducing the number of spaces where its practical to tie up, but it's a pleasant peaceful spot with water, rubbish and elsan disposal nearby and not too far to walk up into the town for shops, buses and trains and it'll do me for a few more days until it's time to move on again.

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