Thursday, 16 August 2012

Beeston Lock

The Beeston Cut, which by-passes an unnavigable section of the River Trent between Nottingham and Beeston, rejoins the river at Beeston Lock. And what a curious lock it is. The left hand wall is level, then rises by steps to the top gates, whereas the right hand wall slopes gently upwards most of the way and can create an optical illusion that the water level inside the lock also slopes!

It also has an unusual method of operation in that boaters are asked to close the gates behind them, but leave a paddle open (the red-topped ones) at both ends of the lock. This creates a flow through the lock and on into the Beeston Cut, which is noticeable all the way to Nottingham. 

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Alf said...

Aparently, the flow is to enable enough water to reach one of the factories along the way which uses it for its processes, thats what I was told by a local when I was there in May.