Tuesday, 21 August 2012

In the Beginning . . .

Like most owners of second-hand boats I've always had an interest in Starcross' past. I've managed to trace several of her former owners (and she does seem to have "been around a bit"!) and learnt something of her history. (And that is "history" not "backstory" OK?)
Starcross in 2000, four years before I bought her.
Now I've received an email from the man who built her!  Ken Field, who was building boats at Aldridge on the Daw End Branch of the BCN (Birmingham Canal Navigations) in the 1990s has been reading the blog and has got in touch. He's confirmed a few things I was unsure about - such as the fact that Starcross is the third boat he built - and has promised to look up his records and let me have any further information about her.

Thanks Ken, look forward to hearing from you again!


No Direction said...

"backstory" never heard that one before.

Jim said...

Very common now in "politically correct" publications and, regrettably on one or two blogs I read! I presume the people who use it somehow think that the "his" in "history" exlcludes the "hers"!


Ian and Karen said...

Think I prefer your choice of livery to the photo here Jim.

Jim said...

Karen, Thank you. And after another eight years Starcross desperately needed a repaint!