Monday, 6 August 2012

In Praise of . . .Nottingham Moorings

In total contrast to Lincoln, which has minimal facilities for visiting boaters, Nottingham has excellent moorings. As well as those on the Trent, near Trent Bridge, there is an almost unbroken line of mooring possibilities stretching from the city centre for over a mile to Castle Marina on the Nottingham Canal. Boaters have a choice of tying up within metres of the railway station and shopping centre at Carrington Street bridge or, if this is too noisy (and the presence of a number of large canalside pubs and clubs suggests that it might be, at least at weekends),you can find somewhere quieter near Castle Marina.

These moorings really do have (almost) everything. A pleasant tree-lined location; mooring rings or bollards to tie to; a busy towpath with plenty of passers-by but no loiterers to give that all-important feeling of security; two pubs (one with toilets accessible without going anywhere near the bar - always a consideration for boaters!); a supermarket (with more toilets!); deep water, which means that when boats do pass at speed (and they do!) you are not disturbed and a short and pleasant walk along the towpath - or a quick ride on the frequent 13/14 bus - to the city centre.  Best of all, apart from a very short stretch of 48hr mooring the maximum stay allowed is 14 days.

The one thing they don't have is access to water or elsan disposal, but at least that keeps the local "continuous moorers" away!

On my way down to Boston in June I paid nearly £150 to leave Starcross in Castle Marina for seventeen nights (with a discount on the nightly rate of £10.50). I have no complaints, but having now seen the moorings on the towpath outside I'd have been just as happy to leave her there free of charge (and moving on three days earlier, obviously!).


No Direction said...

Sounds like your in heaven.

Jim said...

Yes. And I haven't even mentioned the beer!

Naughty-Cal said...

I must disagree about the Lincoln moorings. Whilst not maybe as prolific as Nottingham there are a range of options. The 24 hour University moorings of you can get on them, then outside the Waterside Centre, Witch and Wardrobe then all the way up to Stamp End Lock. With the exception of the University moorings these are all free 14 day moorings.

Our favourite though is anchoring in Brayford Pool and using the dinghy to reach the shore.

Jim said...

When I was at Lincoln there was room for 4 boats on the University 24hr moorings but two spaces were occupied by longer stayers. Although I did use the moorings on the way down to Stamp End Lock I was put off by the narrow space between the railings and the water and many of the mooring rings were missing or broken. I think that as a major tourist destination Lincoln could do better.