Saturday, 5 January 2013

How to Give Up Drinking

Any beer drinkers who feel they want to give it up, even if "just for January" (that's you, Mark) should consider moving to Northwich.
With 90 minutes to wait for a bus last Wednesday tea-time I thought I could use the time for a meal and a beer or two.
There appear to be seven pubs in the town centre. Two of these had no handpumps on the bar (and hence, no decent beer). Another two had the pumps, but no pump clips advertising a particular beer - usually a sign that there isn't any.
A fifth was more like a McDonalds than a pub and I didn't get to check the sixth because I didn't feel like pushing past the man in the doorway who was having an extremely acrimonious telephone conversation with, presumably, his wife or girlfriend AT THE TOP OF HIS ******* VOICE!

That left Wetherspoon's. Yes, they all sell real ale, but their Northwich outlet is a huge, hollowed-out barn of a place with zero charachter (albeit a few "charachters") And I don't know about you, but I think 'Spoons' food offering has gone downhill recently with less choice on the menu and smaller portions on the plate.  It was a marginally more comfortable place to wait than Northwich Bus Station, but I never thought I'd be so happy to get on a bus bound for Warrington.


Anonymous said...
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Mark Doran said...

I succumbed at the weekend, Jim, visiting my daughter in London and we inevitably ended-up in a pub.

Ah yes, Northwich: at the centre of "Grenall Whitley Land"!