Monday, 7 January 2013

The Boat Trip Years

Some of the crew over the years. My partner Hilary is third from the right.
Although not my first experience of canal boating, between 1971 and 1984 I developed my interest in - and love of - the waterways in a series of boating holidays.  Like many others I started as a hire-boater with a group of friends. To begin with we were all at Salford University, where I revived and help run the Inland Waterways Society, but over the years the participants changed - although a hard core remained involved throughout.

After too many long discussions as to where we went when and with whom and what happened, I decided to try and write it all down. I don't expect it to be of any interest to anyone who wasn't a participant (and some of those are, sadly, no longer with us) but there are some photos and links to my Flickr pages for more.

It's called "The Boat Trip Years" This is the link - and there's another one in the sidebar for future reference.

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