Thursday, 17 January 2013

Small things in Big Packages

When I visited Starcross at the start of the month I found flat batteries and a broken stove-door glass.
I couldn't replace the glass because a) I couldn't undo the bolts that hold it in place and b) the "replacement" glass I had was the wrong size.  The door bolts were the biggest problem and I sought advice on the ever-useful Canal World Forum. This is the thread that my query generated. 
The consensus was that this was a common problem and that the studs (not "bolts") would have to be drilled out and replaced - not something I was comfortable with attempting on board. Someone else, however, had bought a complete spare door. Not a cheap solution, but useful in that it could be fitted "in seconds" (we shall see!) and the old door dealt with at home with better tools and more time.
So, I sent off to Villager Stoves for the new door and also a replacement glass and gasket for the old one, which arrived today.
From the size of the package that arrived I thought I'd made a complete boo-boo and ordered a glass pane for the kitchen window such was the size of the package it came in
                            Compare the size of the glass and gasket to the package!

I'll leave you to imagine the size of the box the door came in!

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