Monday, 14 January 2013

Just Rewards

The Lune Aqueduct: the trees Hilary cleared were those on the far bank of the river.
Hilary spent much of yesterday working with the local Conservation Volunteers on a joint task with the Canal & River Trust. This involved coppicing and tree clearance on the banks of the River Lune in the immediate vicinity of the Lune Aqueduct.
As if working in the shadow of that magnificent edifice all day wasn't enough, when she asked she was allowed to take home some of the wood. So as soon as she'd finished we took the car round and picked up a load that will be burned either on Starcross or back home at Starcross Towers.

The trees themselves were of no landscape value and, like those in the foreground of the picture, just  spoiled the view and after spending all that Heritage Lottery Money (thanks, mugs) on it it should at least be on show!

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