Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Waiting for Ernie

After my father died recently, amongst his papers we found this.
It's a Premium Bond (or rather, two) that he bought in my name on 6th May, 1959 when I'd have been eight years old. (He bought my brother two as well, but according to Mum he cashed his in years ago!)

I always remembered him buying it and often vaguely wondered what had become of it, but in the absence of any signs of sudden, unexplained wealth amongst the family I assumed it was never a "winner".  It's been in the monthly draw ever since and I've calculated that it has now been a loser 624 times! (I think you had to wait six months before bonds were entered into the draw).

There used to be a theory that dormant bonds could be "woken up" by notifying a change of address to National Savings, so I've notified mine. Over to you, Ernie!

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Dave on nb Carmel said...

Hi Jim,
Premium Bonds are never "dormant" and remain eligible for prizes throughout - any prizes this bond may have won and have been unclaimed are still eligible for payment - check the website!
I have a two-pound bond bought for me in 1957, it won £50 about six years ago!! I still have it, along with all the others of more recent aquisition . . . .