Saturday, 12 January 2013

Which Way to Look?

For someone of my interests, Gallows Footbridge in Skipton couldn't offer better views:
Look one way and you see this:
The Leeds & Liverpool Canal at Skipton

Look the other and this is what you see:
Skipton Bus Station!

A tip for any boaters passing through Skipton on the bus: The toilets in the bus station cost 20p, but if you have your BW key you can use those in the sanitary station just out of sight in the top photo and beneath the bridge for nowt! (All this visiting Yorkshire is beginning to have an effect on me...)

I was passing through Skipton on Wednesday on my way to Knaresborough  to see "The Hobbit". I could have seen it the same evening in Lancaster - and for half the price as it turned out - but Hilary didn't want to see the film and I know someone in Knaresborough who did, so: "have bus pass, will travel"

Oh, and that red and green boat was still sitting on the water point when I came back through the next day.

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