Monday, 18 February 2013

Enjoying the Sunshine

I don't know about where you are, but the north-west of England has been blessed with some wonderful sunny weather this last few days. Sometimes it seems that our default-weather is "rain" but at least we do appreciate the sun when we get it.

This is what it was like near Middlewich (Cheshire, so only just the north-west) on Saturday.

Not a cloud in the sky! - just vapour trails; must be something to do with the proximity to Manchester (and perhaps Liverpool?) airports.


Halfie said...

I'm sure you're right - we appreciate the sun more when we get it. Woke up to ice in Wigram's Turn Marina this morning - ice and sunshine. Lovely.

Dave on nb Carmel said...

Hi Jim
Was out on Carmel over the weekend, having fitted some new furniture ready for the season.
The contrails are all due to the upper airways, they generally need to be above 20,000ft to contrail (but not always). A lot of airways (like motorways in the sky!) run from above northern Ireland, across the Liverpool/Manchester area, then down to the south-east of the UK before crossing to Europe (something going New York to Paris would route this way, and then there are those that run north-south as well (say, Glasgow to teneriffe). There's a airways beacon (called a VOR) at Wallasey that the airways cross . . .