Thursday, 21 February 2013

Quiz Time

I've been scanning a few of my 35mm transparencies from the 1970s and 80s. Fortunately I wrote very brief details of dates and subjects on the slide frames as otherwise I'd have struggled to identify many of them after all this time.

I thought some of them might make the basis of a quiz, so I wonder how you will get on with these. 

Number 1 was taken in July 1982. I didn't record the exact location but the occasion was a public boat trip. It's "north of Birmingham" - but which canal?

 Number 2 is another public trip also north of Brum. This time I do know the location so where is it? (Clue: Nowhere near the River Wyre!). This one is from July 1983

Number 3 is definitely not in boat trip territory. Which canal and which lock? (The bus would be a clue for those with an interest!) The date is November 1978

I'll be away until next week so answers then, unless you've guessed them all by then.


Halfie said...

No.2: on the River Don?

Christine at said...

No 2 is Sprotborough on the SSYN. New lock in background so after 1982.

No3 is Doncaster Town lock also on the SSYN pre modernization. Doncaster North Bridge and BREL North Shed in background.

Anonymous said...

I was going to guess SSYN for no. 3. But never mind the canal, what's the boat in no. 1?

Sarah (Chertsey) whom blogger won't let log in as myself.

Jim said...

I'd forgotten I can post from my phone whilst away. You are all correct of course. No.1 is on the Cromford Canal.
Sarah - I have another image that shows the boat concerned but that will have to wait until next week.