Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Union Canal. Day. 1

Our hire boat Kimberly II was supposed to be ready for us at 2.30pm but by arriving a couple of hours early we ensured a prompt departure from Falkirk.
For a novice hirer this must be a baptism of fire: a swing bridge, a sharp left turn into a lock and then straight into the Falkirk Wheel.

On this trip all the excitement comes at once. The wheel is followed by a tunnel, a staircase lock, another tunnel and an aqueduct all in the first hour!
After that it was a straightforward run to Linlithgow along a canal vaguely reminiscent of the Shroppie with cuttings and embankmens and views towards snow covered hills.
We arrived at Linlithgow basin by 6.30 and, after tea repaired to the Four Marys, an excellent pub in the town.
Photos of the trip will be limited to what I can get from my phone. I might post some better ones when I get back.

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