Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Union Canal, Day 2: Snow and Ice at Linlithgow.

Two inches of snow fell overnightt and the cut was iced over at Linlithgow this morning.
But being hireboaters we had to move off, getting away at seven and breaking ice most of the way to the Almond Aqueduct beyond Broxburn.
The landlord of the Bridge Inn at Ratho tried to entice us in for a pint, but it was only 11.30 - too early for me and in any case we were hoping to spend some time in  Edinburgh this afternoon.
On arrival in the city we went through Leamington Lift Bridge, which despite giving access to only an extra couple of hundred metres of canal is staffed and opened to order for boaters.
I made a complete mess of winding at the end of the basin. Kimberly II being significantly longer than Starcross I approached the turn too cautiously and didn't get enough momentum into the turn to counteract the wind, which then blew us sideways back down the channel.  I was all for having another go but in the end we settled on going forward onto the pontoon and leaving the question of turning to whoever is steering in the morning.

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Sue said...

Give Kimberly II a bit of wellie Jim! You can do that with hire boats! :-D