Thursday, 28 March 2013

Union Canal, Day 3:Turnaround Day

More snow in Edinburgh overnight but the wind had dropped making winding easier. (Non-boaters may struggle with that one).
The bridge-keeper at Leamington Lift Bridge nearly threw a spanner in the works when he told us that they couldn't operate when temperatures were below zero, but by the time we were ready to go it was deemed to be warm enough.
Between Edinburgh and Ratho, once out of the city the Union Canal runs along the side of the valley with great views out towards the Forth Estuary and both the Forth Road and the iconic Forth Rail bridges visible in the far distance.
Given how few boats there moving on this canal it is surprising how full all the 24 hour visitor moorings are and we got the last proper space back at Linlithgow tonight.

No photos tonight. I'm posting on this trip using Blogger's app for Android phones and the only pictures I can add are those taken on the phone, which aren't best quality. Instead I'll post a few proper ones when I get back.
Meanwhile it's back to the Four Marys tonight.

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Halfie said...

Is it the bridge keepers which seize up or the bridge itself?!