Thursday, 23 May 2013

Bicycle Repair Man

Following the great sink success I thought I'd have a go at Starcross' folding bike that has been languishing in the shed at home for several months. It had hub gears and when changing a tyre instead of disconnecting the gear cable to get the wheel off, I mistakenly dismantled the whole mechanism.
This has defeated several previous attempts to put it back together again but as the bike will be very useful next week on the Leeds & Liverpool I thought I'd have another go especially as I've now found the instructions!
I was amazed that it only took me a couple of hours and that included having to do it again when my first attempt ended with the gear cable running through the chain. I even managed to re-set the gears so that all eight of  them work.

Then it was back to Brighouse ready for tomorrow when Dave from Bronte Boats is coming to fit the new Python Drive. My train from Manchester was cancelled and although the next one to Huddersfield was only 10 minutes later it then missed the Brighouse connection. Rather than wait an hour at Huddersfield I  stuck my head outside the station to see if there was a bus and there on the the stop was an X6 Bradford via Brighouse limited stop.  Even a limited stop bus takes a bit longer then the train but it still got me back to the boat in time for "The Archers"!

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Halfie said...

Bicycle Repair Man and Python in the same blog post? It's a shame you were't on the Montgomery Canal!