Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The benefits of incompetence

It started as a simple tidy-up and wipe round of the kitchen area on Starcross. Then I noticed that the plug-hole on the sink was partly blocked so I set to to clear the pipe, which I managed without too much difficulty.
Buoyed by this success I thought I'd tackle the pipe that takes the run-off from the draining board which  also collects gunge and has to be cleared from time-to-time.
This involves unscrewimg a small metal grid and disconnecting a plastic pipe and seal.
But when I came to re-assemble it my incompetence for anything practical began to show.
I'm the first to admit I am not a practical person; my skill lies in being able to earn enough money to pay other people to fix things. So when I started to put everything back together the problems began.
The first two attempts were hampered by my not realising that I mislaid a vital part of the assembly.
Even when I realised this I was still faced with four different bits: pipe, seal, nut and grid that had to fitted in the correct order and the right way round! Needless to say I hadn't paid enough attention at the disassembly stage.
Usually at this point aboard Starcross Hilary takes over, but with her not there to rescue me I had to carry on, as the sink was now effectively unusable.
Several attempts proved failures as water found its way round the seal. I was getting more and more frustrated but more and more determined until eventually I achieved a watertight joint!
And the point is, that to the incompetent getting even a simple job done right is hugely satisfying.

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