Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Booking the Rochdale

Starcross' passage across the Rochdale Canal has been booked for 16 May. Apparently CRT are "trilaing  new booking arrangements" but as these appear to consist of ringing the Manchester & Pennine Waterways Office at Red Bull one wonders what the old arrangements were?

There seems to have been another change to the system since I last came this way. The bookable section is now locks 81 to 65 (confusingly referred to by the Trust as the "18 locks"). When I went over in a Shire Cruisers hire-boat soon after the Canal re-opened, the chains were on at lock 83, the first above Ducie Street Junction, but perhaps the new arrangements take account of the New Islington Marina, which I believe has visitor moorings.

Does anyone know?


Ray Butler said...

You're quite right, the change in arrangements is because of New Islington Marina - A good place to overnight behind locked gates (Rochdale side, NOT Ashton side), up to 14 days free visitor mooring.

Ian and Karen said...

Talking of bookings, we have just had confirmation for our Ribble link crossing. Sat 7th Sept from Tarleton and Sat 21st Sept from Savick Brook. You'd be welcome to join us if that's possible.

Jim said...

Thanks for the information.

Thank you too. I'll email you to discuss arrangements.