Thursday, 13 June 2013

Mind Games

My mind has been playing tricks on me just lately. Yesterday, for the first time ever, I forgot the boat keys! I was half-way to Gargrave when I realised. Fortunately the back-up system worked and I remembered where I'd hidden a door key on the boat and once inside I found the spare set of all the other necessary keys. Phew!

Then, last night I had a most peculiar dream. I was recounting to one of Starcross' occasional crew members how on this trip all the "difficult" bits were now behind us and the rest would be plain sailing (as it were). He then said "But have you worked out how you are going to get under Freeman's Bridge yet? It's only (an improbable) 4ft 11in high!
The shock of this actually woke me up (unless I dreamt that bit too) and I lay for a while in that half awake/half asleep state wondering how I'd overlooked this obstacle and, more importantly, how I was going to overcome it!
I was still sufficiently concerned this morning to check on Nick Addy's Canalplan site whether there was a "Freeman's Bridge" and whether it was on my route. It turns out there are two: one on the Leicester Section of the Grand Union, which is not on my route and one on the Calder and Hebble, which is behind me. Phew again!, but how did that name get into the dream?

In the circumstances I haven't moved the boat today. I walked into Gargrave for a paper and a coffee in the excellent Dalesman cafe (other cafes are available) and spent  this afternoon marvelling at the waves on the canal in this exposed section of the Leeds &Liverpool that's been looking more like a river such is the wind.

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