Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bank Newton Locks

I returned to Starcross at Gargrave today on the train from Lancaster.  Dave, on Nb Carmel,  an ex-railwayman who follows this blog will be pleased to hear that the Northern Trains guard on the 10.49 examined the return half of my Gargrave to Lancaster ticket, checked that it was valid and, er,  gave it back to me uncancellled!  That's all well and good but I now have a free ride from Lancaster to Gargrave burning a hole in my pocket with little opportunity to use it. (I'll think of something).
Meanwhile at Gargrave the local farmers were having a muck-spreading festival and the moorings were feeling a little "agricultural" so I upped sticks and set off up the locks to Bank Newton.  It's been a while since I did any locks single-handed, particularly broad ones, so I was looking forward to the challenge. The Bank Newton flight were, however.  quite straightforward and with occasional help from other boaters I made my way easily to the top, the  passage enlivened only by a heavy shower of rain half way up. At the penultimate lock I came across a discarded windlass. I'd just passed a boat going down but as this one was at the top gates I reckoned it had come from an uphill boat. It's therefore joined the litany of the "lost and found" column in the sidebar, which I'll update when I'm not reliant on this app that I'm using to write the blog tonight.

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nb Carmel said...

I have no comment to make!! (Especially following our discussions on Tuesday about tickets, and lost/found windlasses!!!!)