Friday, 7 June 2013

My Brother's First Boating Holiday - the photos

Focus of this first trip of the year for Starcross was to meet up with my brother and his family and accompany them (on Starcross) for their first-ever boating holiday aboard what turned out to be a widebeam boat from Silsden Boats
Following the newbies on Day One
Prospective daughter-in-law Kim and Hilary bringing some much-needed glamour to this blog! (Kim also brought a wonderful Scouse accent)
Removing the tyre that had wrapped itself around Starcross' rudder. (We accidentally knocked it back in later!)
My first - and I hope last - experience of steering a widebeam boat


Halfie said...

Were yu still following them in your "oops" photo? If so, that's an impressive winding they've managed!

Jim said...

In fairness I was ahead at that point!