Sunday, 9 June 2013

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam. . . .

No, not that sort. . .THIS SORT!
Haute Cuisine in Brighouse
When I worked on the buses near Manchester in the 1970s the depot canteen served a breakfast of eggs, bacon, beans, tomatoes. . .and spam fritters!  Believe me, when you'd started work at 04.30 and spent the last few hours battling rush-hour traffic in a double-decker with a crash gearbox and no power steering you were ready for it.  Sometimes I had two.


Halfie said...

I'm suddenly feeling hungry! That's the sort of meal I like. By the way, I find it most annoying when, in search of a good fry-up at lunch time, I come across establishments purporting to serve "traditional breakfast" but with the rider "only until 1130" or some suh nonsense. Wel, by 1400 or whenever, I feel that my fast needs properly breaking. Sometimes only a fry-up will do.

(Spotted yesterday a café serving "all day breakfasts" just up the road from where I am in Birmingham at the moment. Will try that tomorrow. Don't suppose they'll have spam fritters though.)

Jim said...

I recently went into a pub in Preston advertising "Food served all Day" It was 7pm. I asked if they were doing food - the barmaid said "No, not really!"

nb Carmel said...