Thursday, 20 June 2013

No Wrecks and Nobody Drownded. . .

. . .in fact nothing to laugh at at all. (Northern readers will get the reference). Just an ordinary and very pleasant day's boating on the L&L. It was quite chilly when we left Church but the Blackburn flight of locks warmed us up. The only incident of note occurred at the bottom lock. A young lad hanging about saw me trying to extricate several large tree branches from the chamber to stop them fouling the gates and offered to help. Between us we got them out and he then asked me if the water in the canal was clean.  I told him to make sure he washed his hands before eating and he then said he'd be meeting his girlfriend in a minute. I said that in that case he'd better use the facilities aboard Starcross.
I'm not sure they ever met. He wandered away shortly afterwards and soon after that a young lady turned up. But she was soon on her phone, presumably texting or  twittering him or whatever it is young people do to communicate nowadays.
The only other locks of the day were at Johnson's Hillock and we shared these with a professional boat mover and his boat. Being single-handed he didn't reduce our workload a lot but just having two boats in a broad lock makes things so much easier. We stopped for the night on what might have been someone's permanent mooring near Adlington but the signage was ambiguous to say the least - and nobody complained.

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Ian and Karen said...

Thought perhaps you'd got to Blackpool!!