Saturday, 22 June 2013

Locks, Luvverley Locks

After stopping in Adlington for shopping we got to the top of the Wigan locks at 11.30. There are 21 in the flight, plus two at Poolstock for those heading towards Leigh.
We took on water hoping that another boat would come along to share the workload, but there has been so little moving on the L&L that we were not surprised when nothing did. Ken went to fill the top  lock, which was against us, and it promptly began to rain.
There was a CRT fundraiser at the next lock in a gazebo in the otherwise deserted beer garden of the adjacent pub. Although trade must have been very slack he didn't approach us for a contribution. Maybe they've been warned off asking boaters!
The descent took a total of five hours, twenty minutes due to rain, low pounds, waiting for oncoming boats, stiff paddles and gates, which makes it sound much more like hard work than it actually was.  We shared the work changing over every five locks,  the variety making it easier.
After Poolstock we carried on to the Dover Lock Inn moorings but we were too tired to go in for a drink, especially as we realised that in our excitement we had neglected to have lunch!
On to Manchester tomorrow.

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