Thursday, 11 July 2013

Strange Sights at Blackburn 2

You may have to look closely to see what this is, at least I had to at the time.
For the benefit of younger readers, it's a "telephone box". "Telephones" were early forms of "mobiles" but they were too big to carry around and in any case had to be attached to wires to make them work. These "boxes" or "kiosks" were therefore provided in towns and villages all over the country so that people could make calls (only calls, no texts or downloads) when they were away from home!

By the way, most of them were not covered in wallpaper. This one has been as an advertisment for Graham & Brown who - and younger readers may also find this strange - actually make wallpaper in their canalside factory in Blackburn and "export" it all over the world!

Strange sights indeed.

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