Sunday, 14 July 2013

This Time Last Year!

Like everyone else, I've been enjoying the last week or so of proper summer weather. Not on Starcross, unfortunately, but I did manage a few days in Wales, where the presence of sunshine is doubly welcome. 
What a change from last year. In July 2012 Starcross was at Saxilby on the Fossdyke having come down the Trent in a rare interval between closures due to flooding. Here are some extracts from the log:

Friday, 6th July
At Saxilby. Heavy rain most of the day. Stayed on the boat all day and all evening.

Saturday 7th July
Water level came up overnight and flooded the towpath, had to use the plank to get off the boat.
Flooded towpath at Saxilby after days of heavy rain in July 2012

Sunday 8th July
Water level fell a little. Cycled over to Torksey where the flood gates had been closed due to 18ft of "fresh" water coming down the Trent.

Monday 9th July
Yet more rain but moved to the Pyewipe for a change of scene. Walked into Lincoln and noticed space on the visitor moorings so went back to the boat and moved it, during which time the rain became torrential. Flashing Red Light at the Glory Hole (navigation prohibited).

Tuesday, 10th July
Another wet, miserable day. Glory Hole light stayed flashing red. Had to wear my fleece on board after 9pm

Wednesday, 11th July.
Sunshine! But Glory Hole closed all day.

Thursday 12th July
More sun. Glory Hole light on "green" but changed to steady red (proceed with caution) as we approached. Continued through and onto the River Witham.

The weekend was fine, but rain returned on the Monday and my attempted passage of Kyme Eau had to be abandoned when I couldn't get under a low bridge at South  Kyme due to high water levels. It also rained on three out of the next four days as I made my way back to Lincoln, where I left the boat to go home and dry out.

What a difference a year makes!

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Mark Doran said...

During the Glorious Years we always had good weather thanks to the Gulf Stream. Last year we had a dreadful "summer" because of the Jet Stream. I wonder what the stream is this summer....