Saturday, 3 August 2013

It's Not Just the Policemen. . .

A knock on the door this morning, back at Starcross Towers.  The local Labour parliamentary candidate with a petition about a dementia unit closure. After I'd signed it we enjoyed a long chat about the state of the Labour Party and, in particular, rail privatisation and the party's failure to reverse it during thirteen years in power. She's called "Cat" Smith and looks about 14.
In the course of our conversation it became apparent that she's never known anything other than what she calls "the liberal consensus" (small "l") epitomised by Tony Blair (although I'm not sure she even remembers him!). 
I used to be a party member, but it would have been long before she was born. It was good to see the enthusiasm and radicalism of youth on my doorstep and I'm also encouraged to see a self-confessed "socialist" being chosen for a highly marginal seat,  but I'm certainly feeling my age today!

I found this photo on the 'net (That's her on the right!


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