Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Railway's Revenge

Someone at East Coast Trains (I buy my advance tickets through them because they are the only publicly-owned operator) must have been reading my posts about the inability of Virgin Trains to check tickets on the West Coast Main Line.
Hilary and I are going to the Isle of Mull later in the year. Here's what I was sent for a journey for two people plus two bikes from Lancaster to Oban. Admittedly, I've added to the haul by re-booking at Glasgow to save a fortune, but I wonder how many trips they expect me to make with this little lot?*
* Sadly, as they are advance tickets for specific trains it won't matter if they are collected or not.

In case you are wondering, you can buy tickets from any of the train operating companies to travel on any train operator's train. In this case, my tickets from East Coast will be used on Virgin Trains, Trans Pennine Express and Scotrail! Also, although you have to specify a station for collection when buying tickets over the internet, you can actually collect the tickets from a ticket machine at any station that has one. Useful if, for example, you can save money by re-booking en-route but won't have time to collect a pre-booked ticket at the break point. Just collect both tickets from your originating station. ("Not many people know that")


Neil Corbett said...

I do wish you would give lessons on using public transport! I am sure you would get lots of takers :-). I find it really hard especially finding out about buses and where they stop (and when) and am in awe of some of your posts about your journeys.
Kath (nb Herbie)

Jim said...

Interesting thought. I tend to take it all for granted having been involved in the industry all my working life. Perhaps a "Beginner's Guide" might be useful to some. I'll think about it.

nb Carmel said...

As you know I'm also a director of Severn-Dee Travel Ltd, the not-for-profit company that operates the independent booking office and waiting room at Gobowen station in north west Shropshire. We, too, can book you any ticket from anywhere to anywhere, split tickets, etc, for collection at any machine, and we don't charge booking fees, internet fees, or postage if you want them posting!! We survive on commission from ticket sales. So give us a try as well - look us up on 'tinterweb!!
Dave on nb Carmel
(currently at Marple, having come up the 16 locks!!)

Jim said...

No charge for the commercial, David.
(This blog is also "not for profit!)

Halfie said...

Jim, I would echo Kath's request. I'm usually on top of train travel, and how to split journeys for best value, but, never having been much of a bus user, I find buses and their routes mysterious!