Thursday, 8 August 2013

That's Entertainment!

To Preston, to see our optician. It may seem odd to choose a practice twenty miles from where you live, but this one was recommended by our previous optician in Hereford. Hilary and I both have poor eyesight when uncorrected and consider our ability to see very important to us and not to be entrusted to the likes of Spex 'R' Us, whatever the cost.
Afterwards we found ourselves with twenty minutes to wait for the bus home so had a walk around the market.
I must admit that I've always thought of this part of Preston Market (there is another, more conventional, side to it) as the "Junk Market" - because that's largely what it sells, but today it came up trumps.

Preston "Junk" Market
I don't have a television on Starcross, although I do have three radios!  One of them doubles as a cassette tape player, or at least it did until last Spring when it ceased to function. Obviously, nobody makes new cassette players anymore and I hadn't been able to find one in a charity shop. I've tried CDs, but like all digital equipment CD players consume a lot of electricity very quickly. A set of even good-quality batteries lasts about four hours and if it's eating its own batteries it would be doing the same to the boat's.
So, amongst all the tat I was pleased to find a stall with a radio/cassette player on sale for £10. (I'm sure the seller would have taken less, but it was nearly time for the bus). It also plays CDs should I want to have another go with those.
And when I got it home I found that it worked!

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Mark Doran said...

This could be the start of a bus-based equivalent of The Man In Seat 61, started by an enterprising individual who knew a bit about trains and wanted to share his knowledge. It's turned into quite a money-spinner!