Sunday, 22 September 2013

Coming or Going?

I've been making a few long-distance train journeys recently and once again have found myself irritated at the language used for on-train announcements.
So far on this trip we've had "arriving in/ at" (or is that "arriving-in at"?) "going through to" and "calling-in at".
Let's get this straight once and for all
Trains "depart from" and "arrive at" If they stop along the way they "call at".
Nothing else is necessary.

And while I'm being grumpy I object to being told that I've arrived at my "final destination." You may be content to wait-out eternity at Birmingham New Street station, but I have other plans for a while yet.
But just to prove I'm not completely at odds with modern-day life I've just discovered how to input text on my phone by swiping the keyboard. Bloody brilliant!

On the 1430 Birmingham "through to" Cardiff.
Just crossing the River Avon near Eckington.

Oh No! Now we are "approaching into" Cardiff!

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