Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The End of the Affair

I didn't think we'd be together long. It started as a one-night stand, an evening away from home in Mossley, on the Hudd Narrow Canal. But it soon became more than that. Even on that first night we fitted in a quickie - to Stalybridge and back - and then made our way home the following day. It should have ended there, but it didn't. Soon we were in Manchester again, and then Warrington - twice! In between we made three trips from Preston.
It was always a bit one-sided. We came home together, but I relied on others to get away. And now it's over.
I was always happy to have you by my side and ready to show you off to anyone who asked. But in all our time together no one even looked at you - let alone tried to take you away from me. You were as pure and untouched at the end of our time together as at the beginning. So, farewell then train ticket number xxxxxxxxxx (number redacted just in case). Your time is up and already another has taken your place!

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