Sunday, 1 September 2013

Busy Afternoon

Hilary dropped me off at Uplands Basin this afternoon on her way down to Hereford. I got a top-coat of non-slip paint onto the left-hand gunwale and then went over to the water point. While the tank was filling I touched-up the blacking, covering the bits I'd missed last time. Then, rather than return to my mooring I carried on down the cut to the spot depicted on the title above, which is about a mile in the direction of Marston.
Here, while tea was cooking, I replaced some missing studs (they are actually called "lift the dots") in the cratch A frame and tried out some of the sample bungee cords that AJ Canopies had sent me that attach the cratch cover to the hull. They come in three different sizes and when I'd tried to order them I didn't know which I wanted. Now I do.
I finished-off by sanding down the nose-cone (and I'm sure that's not the correct technical term for the bit that sticks out in the middle of the bow! ) and giving it a coat of undercoat in preparation for repainting tomorrow. Not bad for a couple of hours' work if I say so myself.

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